Top 5 Most Recent Games

The most recent games may not be those that were the best of the year. However, they’re the ones that stood out the most. They’ll be talked about and playing them long after they’ve come out whether because of their captivating stories, their enthralling environments or their relentless gameplay.

While many sequels are iterative updates to an existing formula, XCOM 2 rises above its predecessor thanks to an innovative perspective and a reworked combat system that offers an endless number of possibilities for players with experience. It’s among the few games that manages to feel both child-friendly and mature in the same time, with a savvy approach that doesn’t impede its fun factor.

Brutal Legend, the first non-Squaresoft game to make use of Unreal Engine 4, proves that old school action can be a powerful game. The game is awash with nostalgia from every crevice, with an aesthetic that combines brutal beauty of PS1 classics with the lurid splendor of modern action games.

Despite some of the most tedious grinding games in the genre Spec Ops: The Line is a fantastic shooter that’s more focused on story than ever before. It’s the most engaging installment to date in the series, with the setting of a sci-fi story that’s relatable yet hard to empathise and a character that’s relatable but also difficult to sympathise with.

Final Fantasy XIV is back in the good books of fans despite the lack of content. This comes after a time of lows that began with Warlords of Draenor. The reason for this is due to a new focus on storytelling and a continuous commitment by the development team to improve the experience by adding a variety of expansions, making it one of the few subscription MMOs you’ll want to stick with.