Quoc Viet signs historic WWF Farming agreement

News Article (WWF agreement) Sept 2015

On the 4th September 2015 Quoc Viet was proud to be involved in the signing of sustainable production and trade contracts between Quoc Viet and the Doan Ket Shrimp aquaculture cooperative.

Mr. Tuan, Vice President of Quoc Viet, attended the contact signing ceremony held by the Ca Mau Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) and WWF – Vietnam.

The signing of this historic agreement is the initial step connecting farmers, producers and consumers together through a responsible and sustainable shrimp supply chain.

Through this farming contract Quoc Viet have committed to supporting small scale shrimp farmers to comply with international standards of social and environmental responsibilities, by purchasing their sustainably produced shrimp.

This in turn provides both stable income for small scale producers and a reliable ongoing supply of sustainable produced shrimp for Quoc Viet to trade to international markets.

‘Quoc Viet Co. Ltd commits to support and invest for the small-scale shrimp farmers in accordance with the farming contract articles for a long-term sustainable cooperation for responsible shrimp production in compliance with the ASC standards and other international standards, which express their socio-environmental responsibilities’, said Mr. Tuan, Vice President of Quoc Viet.

The Doan Ket co-operative of small-scale farmers has a total of 107 hectares of farming area, with a production capacity of approximately 200 tons of raw shrimp per year.