Quoc Viet increasing sustainability among the Mangroves

News Article (SNV agreement) Sept 2015

Quoc Viet is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement with SNV, a global not for profit development organisation supporting sustainable shrimp production and mangrove conservation.

SNV’s Mangroves and Markets project focuses within the Ca Mau Province of Vietnam to enhance sustainability of the aquaculture sector and improve access to organic certification.

On September 3rd 2015, a ceremony was held to celebrate the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Quoc Viet, SNV, the Ca Mau Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) and the Dat Mui Forest Management Board (FMB).

Quoc Viet, in conjunction with the other parties, expressed their commitment to joining technical and financial resources to support smallholder shrimp farmers in increasing their capacities and awareness to achieve organic certification.

Quoc Viet Vice President, Mr Ngo Quoc Tuan said that the company will not only pursue efforts to successfully implement the MoU in the coming years, but will work diligently to exceed the agreement in order to achieve greater impacts.

Mr Tuan added that integrated mangrove-shrimp farming is the way forward for a sustainable Vietnamese shrimp industry.

The signing of this agreement marks the beginning of a significant collaboration between diverse stakeholders, working towards a common goal of sustainability and inclusive development within the Ca Mau region.